Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Working on Stardust...

The Wire Artisan's Guild is opening their Etsy shop, and the theme is Stardust. I've got a design drawn out, and have just been working on tweaking that and getting the gems together for a couple of days...now I just have to actually get to the wire-working, lol. Some of the people in my guild have already got theirs done, and their stuff is stunning, as usual. A lot of people are using the movie Stardust for inspiration. I didn't personally like the movie that well, so I'm not doing that, lol.

Last Friday was the Newberg First Friday Art and Wine Walk, and I was a featured artist at Honest Chocolates. We were blessed to have a wonderful acapella choral group there, singing wonderfully romantic music. I can't remember the name of their group, but when I get it I will definitely post it on here. They're doing Singing Valentine's, which is awesome. I got some really good feedback on my jewelry while there, passed out a lot of cards, and sold a couple of things.

The REALLY surprising thing about last weekend is this: Thursday my husband had a poker tournament at a local bar, and wanted me to go with him. I told him I would, but that I would need to take my jewelry and tag it because I had the Newberg show the next day, and not everything was tagged. Being a Thursday, there was plenty of room for me to spread out the jewelry and get busy. I sold a TON of jewelry at the bar, lol. Amazing. I'm going to make it a point to go hang out at the bar with my jewelry more often...it is a different clientele than I usually deal with, but they seemed to love my jewelry, and were very happy to pay for it.

Oh, one of the recent pieces that I have finished may be interesting to some of you. It's a stainless steel cuff, decorated with a recycled broken guitar string. You can see it on Flickr here, with a mini-tutorial on making yarn-like twisted wire. :-)

On the personal front, my mom is in the hospital. She appears to have pneumonia, and while there it was also discovered that she has emphysema. I sure hope she quits smoking, now, though I don't have high hopes of that.

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